Casa do Templo
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We were told that housing construction was started in 1951 but only in 1955 are there licensing records. It was built by the great road contractor in the Alentejo, Alberto Faustino married to Maria Rosa Faustino.
In 1973 it was sold to Major Carlos Alberto Acabado, an aviator pilot who served in Africa during the Ultramar War.
In February 1969 it was leased by the Portuguese state where the Labor Development Fund operated.
It was used by the National Employment Service and the services of its successor IEFP until March 2010.
- Regional Division of the National Employment Service
- IEFP Alentejo Coordinating Center headquarters
- Employment Center of Évora of the Alentejo Regional Delegation by IEFP
- Employment, Training and Social Development Operational Program (POEFDS) and Project Management and Analysis of Decentralized Employment, Training and Development Intervention (IDEFDS)
In September 2010 it is bought by the company Muro da Cascata - Construções.
In October 2016, Casa do Templo was inaugurated as a local accommodation, with the reservation of the complete house.
In February 2017, the local accommodation will be available for a room reservation.
Casa do Templo
The History of the House
Feel at home with Refinement
A Sua Estadia :)
Inauguração da Casa do Templo
Compra por “Muro da Cascata – Construções”
Fim do Arrendamento ao Estado
Início do Arrendamento ao Estado
Compra pelo Major Carlos Alberto Acabado
Inicio da Construção

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